University of Nottingham

I failed to enter UM ( University Malaya ) , that's really dissapointed me .
In my point of view , maybe everythings are fated .
Once god made a decision , that will be the final decision .
Between UMS's tourism course and Nottingham's FAM (finance , accounting & management) ,
I decided to enter Nottingham University . ( of course I'm refering to the Malaysia campus ) .

And now ...
I would like to annouce that , I've started my new journey in Nottingham University .
Actually the full name of the university is - The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus .
Our UG (undergraduate) director told us that eventhough our campus is " Malaysia Campus " ,
but , there are not much different between the original Nottingham Campus and the Malaysia Campus . ( he refer to the education standard )
Although we are taking the examinations in Malaysia Campus , but we still will awarded an original certificate which is 100% same with the certificate in Nottingham Campus .
( It's really please me ... )

Students with different culture , mother-language , race , religion met here .
Those foreign students are from - India , Middle-east countries ( Pakistan ) , South Africa , Taiwan , Indonesia , Korea , Myanmar , Philipine , UK ( exchange students from Nottingham Campus ) , China (exchange students from Ningbo Campus ) and etc etc .

Why Why Why ? Why no Japanese student ? Where is Japanese female students with short skirt??!
Unfortunately , I still havent met anyone ( mostly girls ) from Japan .
I would like to try out my Japanese language ( Watashiwa Wong desu , Aisteru!!) , but I had no chance to do that . Luckily , I know some korean language such as , Sarangheyo ~ ( I would like to try this out )

I like the environment here , everythings are established in British's style ,
The buildings , the education system , the lecturers and even the securities .
The head of security department , Azlan , he can speak very well English .
Something which suprise me is , even my hostel's maid can speak well english . ( we do have a few of maids who responsible to clean our hostel , but just some simple cleaning )

There are five core modules in the first semester , I've choosen "Studying Organizations" as my optional module , it is something likes philosophy + psychology .
The following list is my module list :
  • Business Law A
  • Entrepreneurship and Business
  • Computer in Business
  • Financial Accouting
  • Business Economics A
  • Studying Organizations
Frankly speaking , it's not that easy to handle these , but , I will just try to overcome it ,
because we ( stpm students ) are the trained one .

So pals .... bless me please ~ !

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haha.. u thought so easy meet japanese gal?? anyway, if reli can knw rmb to intro to me ya^^ i oso wan to hav japanese fren.. haha~~ btw, since when u change ur name?? wong sang?? =P


In university , foreign students cant pronous our chinese name well ~
so , usually i will introduce myself as " wong " , thts my sur name .

then they will just call me " wong"
" hi wong "
" wong , may i ...."

thts easy for them....






haha.. i noe.. but i jz ejek u for fun only.. =P coz if u said wong sang.. japanese gal will cal u wong sang sang.. understand boh?? sorry.. not good in explaining.. =P


last time u asked me about the "epistemology "..
i saw this word in my mid term exam paper..
do u remembered last time i asked u about "人生的自主权" ..
my course is subtitle of urs.. i think so.. hehe ^^

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